Jordan Miller

Highly adaptable full stack engineer with a passion for developing fast and scalable web applications.

I'm an Army veteran and full-stack software engineer. I love solving problems with code.

I got into programming to make mods for video games I was playing, and went to Lambda School to learn Web development in 2019. My goal was to gain professional skills to build on my self taught programming knowledge and transition into a tech career. I've since started a company (Quackhire), and am seeking fulltime or contract/freelance work to help fund it. I'm very comfortable in the MERN stack and will bring a lot of value to your team.

I'm ambitious and work extremely hard. I averaged over ten contributions per day in my first year on Github, and am currently on a 200+ day streak of programming every day.

Feel free to email or connect on LinkedIn if you'd like to chat!

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